Josh Bias Winner

Josh Bias is the lucky winner! Josh won the first of two Matthews V3X Compound Bows the WVBA is raffling off.

A big thank you to Gary’s Sporting & Pawn in Spencer WV for providing the bows.  Contact us via messenger if like get a ticket(s) on the Second V3X.  Tickets are $10 and only 250 were printed.

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High School Shoot Rules

West Virginia Archery Club State Shoot

  1. ALL SHOOTERS must have a signed Archery Club Parental Consent Form in order to participate. Lack of having forms will result in the team/individual not shooting, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Shooters may only shoot for the team of the school in which they are enrolled. A full team is not required for participation and students may shoot to compete for individual awards
  3. Shooters are responsible to verify
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IBEP Needs You!

The International Bowhunter Education Program, IBEP, Class is 8 to 10 hours long. The class covers the history of bow hunting, wildlife conservation, your responsibilities, equipment, how to practice, hunting methods, tree stands, anatomy, shot placement, recovering your game, care of the game, basic first aid, survival, and much more.

This is a Specialty Class that goes beyond what is covered in the Hunter Safety class. If you want to be a

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West Virginia Bowhunters Association (WVBA) Archery In The Schools (AIS) Grant Guidelines

1. The goal of the WVBA involvement with the AIS program is to promote the sport of archery to the students in West Virginia, thereby preserving, promoting and protecting the bowhunting heritage.

2. The WVBA will offer grant monies from a special raffle account dedicated to the AIS Program.

3. Schools must have at least one Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) or Basic Archery Instructor Trainer (BAIT) on staff.

4. Grants will only be considered

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