The International Bowhunter Education Program, IBEP, Class is 8 to 10 hours long. The class covers the history of bow hunting, wildlife conservation, your responsibilities, equipment, how to practice, hunting methods, tree stands, anatomy, shot placement, recovering your game, care of the game, basic first aid, survival, and much more.

This is a Specialty Class that goes beyond what is covered in the Hunter Safety class. If you want to be a better Bow Hunter this class is for you.

For information on classes in your area please call 304-746-0750 or visit

The IBEP Class is team taught by a minimum of three IBEP Instructors. Most teams use four to six IBEP Instructors.  If you would be interested in joining a team or starting your own team, please call for more information.

Larry L. Lawson, IBEP State Chairman
1822 Orchard Drive
Belle, WV 25015

Protecting Your Bowhunting Rights

Through the WVBA, you have a constant voice in hunting legislation and protection of our wildlife resources.