Big Game Records

How to enter your Trophy Deer or Bear in our Records

The WV Bowhunters Association maintains a Records Database for Whitetail Deer and for Black Bear that were taken in West Virginia with a compound bow or recurve bow. The minimum entry scores necessary to enter a trophy are:

 Typical Whitetail Deer   110
 Non-Typical Whitetail Deer  140
 Black Bear  15

There is no monetary charge to enter your trophy. All that is necessary is to have the animal scored by an official Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young measurer. Then you need to get a copy of the front and the back of the scoresheet to me to enter your trophy. You can send the scoresheet to me several different ways:

By Email:
By Text: 304-544-9505
By Mail:
Greg Surber
105 Dingess Ct.
Barboursville, WV 25504

Include a good field photo of your choice to be added to the records. If you have any questions, just send me a text and I will be happy to help you.

By submitting your trophy for entry into our records, you are verifying that you took the animal by means of “FAIR CHASE” which shall NOT include any of the following conditions:

  1. Helpless in a trap, deep snow or water, or on ice.
  2. From any power vehicle or power boat.
  3. While inside escape-proof fenced enclosures.
  4. By “Jacklighting” or shining at night.
  5. By the use of any tranquilizers or poisons.
  6. By the use of any power vehicles or power boat for herding or driving animals.
  7. By the use of electronic devices for attracting, locating, or pursuing game, or guiding the hunter to such game, or by the use of a bow or arrow to which any electronic device is attached with the exception of lighted nocks and recording devices that cast no light towards the target and do not aid in rangefinding, sighting or shooting the bow.