West Virginia Archery Club State Shoot

  1. ALL SHOOTERS must have a signed Archery Club Parental Consent Form in order to participate. Lack of having forms will result in the team/individual not shooting, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Shooters may only shoot for the team of the school in which they are enrolled. A full team is not required for participation and students may shoot to compete for individual awards
  3. Shooters are responsible to verify & sign their own scorecards
  4. Targets will be scored before arrows are pulled: early pulled arrows are scored as a 0.
  5. Targets will be set at an unmarked distance, at the top range of approximately 30 yards for high school and 25 yards for middle school.
  6. When shooting the shooter must touch the stake with a portion of his/her body.
  7. Any power binoculars may be used, shooters may glass target prior to shooting, but may not glass from shooting stake after his/her shot.
  8. Teams will consist of at least 5 shooters with the top 5 scores being counted.
  9. Group will consist of 4 or 5 individuals with no more than 2 from the same school
  10. In the event of a tie:
    1. Individuals: In order to decide tied scores a shoot-off will be held using a 3-D animal target set at an unmarked yardage and the one with the higher score wins.
    2. Team: Go back to the 6th man on team; if still tied 7th man, etc.
    1. FIXED PINS, NO SCOPES, and no limit of the number of pins you can have.
    2. No poundage limitations or arrow weigh restrictions.
    3. One single stabilizer being less than 12” in length from the nearest point of attachment is allowed.
    4. If fixed pins/cross hair sight is used it may not be adjusted while on the range during the tournament.
    5. Range- 30 target course.
    6. A compound, recurve, or longbow with or without sights may be shot with release aid, glove, or bare fingers.
    7. If sight is used it will have fixed on cross hair style pins.
    8. Circle pins allowed if all circles are the same size only.
    9. Any arrow released accidentally or deliberately will be, if not in scoring area of the target, scored as a 0.
    10. Any arrow, which is dropped and can be recovered while touching the stake, may be re-nocked and re-shot.
    11. The scoring must be as follows:
      1. 11-X- Small circle centered within the ten rings. Approximately 25% of the ten rings will be used. Arrow must at least touch the circle. The score will be X-10 on the scorecard.
      2. 10-circle inside vital area. Arrow must at least touch circle.
      3. 8-vital area other than the 10 point circle. Arrows must at least touch the vital area line.
      4. 5- remainder of the animal touching body color.
      5. 0-hit in the horn or hoof not touching body color, any other misses, or glance off.
      6. Robin-Hooded arrows will be scored as the arrow imbedded in the target.
  12. Shooters shall refrain from foul language and conduct themselves with good sportsmanship.
  13. Yardage may not be discussed between shooters until entire group has shot the target.