Paul Dickey South Charleston
Steve Frye Salt Rock
Randy Epling Ripley
Steve Casey French Creek
Jack Lambert Pineville
Randy Moore Huntington
Kenneth Wilson Chapmanville


President Russ Lingenfelter Barboursville
Vice President John Slaughter Buckhannon
Secretary Bob Spencer Parkersburg
Treasurer Elmo Wiles Maidsville
Past President/Director John Edman Washington

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: Dr. Gary Ault
Seminars: Gary Ault,
Joe Rieffenberger
Marty Quinn

1995 Awards presented at Banquet

Hall of Fame Larry Lawson
Bowhunter of the Year Ron Miller
Master Bowhunter Ken Martin, Mike Reynolds
Expert Bowhunter John Edman, Jerry Halstead,
Ken Martin, Ron Miller, Jeff Stephenson
First Deer Award Johnathan Browning, Delores Crider,
Camella Crites, Doug Fala, Pete Fala,
Ed McMinn, Chris Robertson,
Eddie McKinney, Ronald Dean, William Winterstein
Big Buck Award Dallas Brumfield
Big Groundhog Award George Crider, Moses Frazier
President’s Award Gary Carpenter, Larry Cooper
Regional Rep of the Year Tom Oxley
Appreciation Award John Edman, for two terms as President
Appreciation Award Pat Dofka, for efforts promoting bowhunting inside Wheeling city limits.
Photo Contest, Bowhunter Exp. Pam Slaughter
Photo Contest, Game Taken Clark Vickers
Affiliated Club of the Year Elk River Bowhunters Association
Outdoor Writer of the Year Dick Chandler
DNR Employee of the Year Dr. Jim Crum
Landowner of the Year Pocahontas Land Corporation
Manufacturer of the Year Bill Kline
Outfitter of the Year Eldon Jandreau


Spring      at Huntington Archery Club
Seminars:  Dick Clevenger

Summer    at Appalachian Bowhunters Association, Buckhannon
Seminars:    Mike Dickess

Fall            at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling
Seminars:  Fred Asbell

Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

            More crossbow legislation is introduced in the Legislature.  Since past efforts to legalize crossbows for everyone have failed; the current efforts are now in the guise of helping the handicapped.  At public hearings, the WVBA showed how bows could be modified to fit the handicap.  Again, no crossbow legislation passes.

An urban deer management plan was instituted by the DNR.  There are 64 cities in the state that could use this plan to control deer populations.

At the fourth quarter Game Commission meeting, Larry Lawson, DNR/Legislative Representative, addressed the deer baiting issue.  Recent comments had suggested that bowhunters were using deer baiting as a way to kill bears that came to the bait.  Larry pointed out that the WVBA had always been against deer baiting and had first suggested the ban in 1986.

Tri-County Bearhunters were again present to attack the bowhunting of bears.  Their request (again) to the Commissioners was to move the bear bow season to December.


  • WVBA and its affiliated clubs make another donation to Hunters Helping the Hungry.

  • Jack Lambert wins IBO indoor “scramble” National Championship.

  • Joe Rieffenberger, DNR bear biologist, was presented with a check to purchase two bear radio collars.

  • Shooting rules change to allow shooting from anywhere between two stakes. You may shoot from wherever is within your effective range.

  • “Future Bowhunters Jamboree” held at Mountain State Sportsmen’s Club in Parkersburg.

  • WVBA supports WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ALLIANCE. This PAC was formed to promote the two Constitutional amendments.

  • Affiliated Club Shoot winners

    1st        Huntington Archery Club

    2nd       Elk River Bowhunters Association

    3rd        Pendleton County Bowhunters Association

  • W.Va. voters overwhelmingly approve two constitutional amendments; to preserve hunting license money for wildlife related use only, and to approve a wildlife license plate with proceeds from sale to fund non-game wildlife programs.