The goal of the WVBA involvement with the AIS program is to promote the sport of archery to the students in West Virginia, thereby preserving, promoting and protecting the bowhunting heritage.

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My two terms as President ended at midnight on March 19, 2016.  It’s been a challenge and a lot of hard work, but I’ve had a dedicated group of helpers to ease the burden.  The Officers and Board of Director members as well as the active Regional Representatives and other volunteers have made an impossible job doable.  Throw in our main man and Immediate Past President Ed McMinn, and things went pretty well.  Thanks to everyone who helped me function as your President the last four years.

The details of our last Banquet are still being worked out, but from what I’ve seen so far, I count it as a definite success, financially and otherwise.  The banquet room was full and with over 100 items for auction, raffle or games, a lot of WVBA members could have gone home with some sort of prize if they wanted to participate and/or bid high enough.  We are already evaluating the things we did at the Banquet and figuring out how to make next year’s Banquet even better.   Congratulations to Table #10 that took away all 10 Herb Derr knives thanks to their 100% participation in the knife table game, and to another member at that table who won the Polaris ATV.

We are leaving the WVBA in better shape than it was.  Eight years ago the treasury had less than $20,000 in it.  At the end of 2015 it had over $40,000.  This year’s charity raffle, thanks to all you ticket purchasers and sellers, exceeded my expectations and we will have over $4,500 to make grants to our Archery in the Schools applicants and other worthwhile charities.  Also, some fresh blood has been introduced into our leadership positions with Steve Preston’s election as Treasurer, Gene Thorn’s election as a Director, and Justin Hettick’s election as President.

As I turn over the reins to your new President Justin Hettick, I ask that you give him the same level of help and support that you have given me.  In fact, I’m going to ask you to do even more.  Try to make it to at least one of our events this year as a volunteer.  You can contact John Drangmeister or Tim Mihal or any other Officers or Board of Director members to find an event close to you where help is needed.  Help is always needed.  Also, and I know this takes patience, when our phone tree calls you, PLEASE, take the time to listen to the message and respond.  We don’t activate the phone tree unless it is important, and those phone calls and emails (especially the phone calls) DO make a difference.

And that’s the bottom line,

Bryan Elkins, President WVBA