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August 20th 2021 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Parchment Valley Conference Center
Directions: http://www.parchmentvalley.org/contact.html
$5,000 in Cash Prizes

West Virginia Bowhunters Association – Big Bucks Classic

Shoot Time: 8:00AM – 2:00PM; Cards in by 5:00PM

Eligibility: Must be a WVBA member and qualify with two 500 certificates from WVBA events in 2022

Shoot Cost: $20.00

Shooting Classes: (as of 9/11/21; subject to revision for 2022)

Men’s Open – max 45 yards (red stake) 3D

Women’s Open – max 35 yards (white stake) 3D

Men’s Bowhunter – max 35 yards (white stake) 3D

Women’s Bowhunter – max 30 yards (blue stake) 3D

Traditional (selfbow, longbow, recurve) – max 30 yards (blue stake) 3D

Youth (age 12-17) – max 30 yards (blue stake) 3D

Cub (under 12; shoot Free) – max 20 yards (orange stake) 3D


Equipment Restrictions: (as of 9/11/21; subject to revision for 2022)

No Crossbows permitted, vertical bows only with no draw locking devices

Open class – no restrictions

Bowhunter class – stabilizers (front/back) may not be longer than 12″; fixed or single moveable pin; no lens in sight

Traditional – no sights; a single stabilizer under 12″; no mechanical release aids

A verifier or clarifier style peep is allowed in all classes with sights


Payout and Awards:

Adult classes – 1st place $600; 2nd place $300; 3rd place $100 (each class)

Youth class –  Cabela’s Gift Cards: 1st place $100; 2nd place $50; 3rd place $25

Cub class – 1st place plaque; all cubs will be given a medal for shooting



Rules & Regulations (as of 9/11/21; subject to revision for 2022)

  1. Must be a WVBA Member or part of a family membership (can join for $20 at the event)
  2. May only shoot in one class
  3. No range finders permitted
  4. Any power binocular may be used before shooting; once shot has been made no glassing from the shooting stake
  5. Targets at unknown distances
  6. Must touch the shooting stake with a portion of his/her body
  7. No discussion of yardage until after everyone has shot
  8. Front kill zones only are to be scored
  9. Scoring will be 11, 10, 8, 5 and 0 (any part of the foam target is a 5)
  10. Targets will be scored before any arrows are touched; any arrow touched before scoring is a 0
  11. Arrow shaft must be touching the line of the higher scoring ring to get the higher score
  12. Robin hood arrows will be scored same as the arrow imbedded in target
  13. Arrow must be stuck in the target or in embedded arrow to be scored
  14. Any questionable scores must be agreed upon by the group; if field judge is required his/her decision is final
  15. Groups will be limited to 4 persons; groups may be assigned at registration
  16. There will be two score keepers assigned at registration
  17. Shooters are responsible for verifying their score at each target and final score
  18. No changes to score card will be permitted once signed by shooter and score keeper and turned in
  19. Ties will be broken by the number of 11’s
  20. If a tie remains; there will be a one target shoot off with high score winning
  21. If a tie still remains; the final round will be closest to the center of the 11 ring
  22. Three FITA 60cm spot targets will be shot by each participant at known distances. Three arrows at each target, 9 arrows total with a possible 90 points total on spot targets. Total spot target score will be added to total 3-D score. Adults classes: 30, 40, 50 yards Youth class: 30 yards (3 rounds) Cub Class: 20 yard (3 rounds)
  23. If needed, the WVBA president has final ruling on any conflicts or issues