Steve Frye Salt Rock
Dan Gillenwater Harmon
Tom Kruk Ravenswood
Anna Sowards Culloden
Mike Plumley Kenna
Bev Wiles Maidsville
Randy Epling Ripley


President Elmo Wiles Maidsville
Vice President Tim Ross Gay
Secretary Ed McMinn South Charleston
Treasurer John Adkins Millwood
Past President/Director Russ Lingenfelter Barboursville (Milford, OH)

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: Monty Browning

2003 Awards presented at Banquet

Bowhunter of the Year Gary Dahlem, Bill Mason
Master Bowhunter Jerry Halstead
Big Buck Award Greg Dearth
Big Groundhog Award Bill Kline
Big Carp Award Lonnie Sneed
President’s Award Anna Sowards
Regional Rep of the Year Jamie Withrow
Appreciation Award Christine Fox, Marc Fox
Photo Contest, Bowhunter Exp. Ed McMinn
Photo Contest, Game Taken Tom Paxton
Affiliated Club of the Year Huntington Archery Club
DNR Employee of the Year Clyde Armstead
Landowner of the Year Pocahontas Land
Manufacturer of the Year Richwood Archery and CSS Archery
Outfitter of the Year Stoney Brook Plantation


Awards Tim Ross
Media Bev Wiles
Merchandise Randy Epling
Records John Edman
Banquet Steve Frye


Cabin Fever Shoot      at Huntington Archery Club

Spring      at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling

Summer    at Appalachian Bowhunters Association, Buckhannon

Fall Bowhunting Expo            at Camp Virgil Tate, Cross Lanes

Fall        at Gary’s Sporting Goods, Spencer


Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

            House Bill 3106 would move control of captive deer from the DNR to the Department of Agriculture.  This legislation could lead to the commercialization of deer and also thwart the DNR restriction of interstate commerce in deer.  Deer movement is currently curtailed due to Chronic Wasting Disease fears.  The NRA is pushing for passage of this bill.

Senate Bill 186 would legalize the sale of whitetail deer meat in restaurants in W.Va.

House Bill 3106 passes the House by an 83 to 13 vote.  Both HB 3106 and Senate Bill 186 are defeated in the Senate.

President Elmo Wiles presents DNR Director Ed Hamrick with funding in support of the Black Bear Research Project.


  • Wise announces “W.Va.’s Archery in the Schools Program”. Pilot project to begin in 18 schools.

  • Bev Wiles conducts archery portion of another Becoming an Outdoor Woman at Watoga State Park in September.

  • Randy Epling receives an Appreciation Award from the DNR for his work in training instructors for the Archery in the Schools program.

  • New WVBA Young Regional Reps Program announced.

  • Randy Epling, WVBA Board of Directors member, named DNR W.Va. Sportsman of the years for his many years of efforts toward the betterment of bowhunting in W.Va.

  • Teacher Tim Myers of Herbert Hoover High School is given an appreciation plaque by the WVBA for his effort in construction 19 storage boxes for the Archery in the Schools program.

  • Darrell Hoffman, WVBA Hall of Fame member, from Mason County passes away October 16, 2004.