James E. Baller Wheeling
Steve Frye Salt Rock
Randy Epling Ripley
Dave Guthrie Sandyville
Bill Hinkle Summersville
Ron Miller Elkview
Darrell Roberts Kingwood


President John Edman Washington
Vice President Russ Lingenfelter Barboursville
Secretary Gary Carpenter Hurricane
Treasurer Larry Cooper Morgantown
Past President/Director Ron Saloky Fairmont

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: G. Fred Asbell
Seminars: Dane Snodgrass
Roger Rothhaar
Fred Asbell
Tom Dotson

1993 Awards presented at Banquet

Bowhunter of the Year Steve Frye
Master Bowhunter Larry Blankenship, Ron Williams
Expert Bowhunter Ronald Ross, Jack Lambert
First Deer Award Robbie Skull, Paul Olszewski, Charles Russell,
 Gregg Woodruff, Jim Rinehart, Eric Rinehart,
Marie Hinkle, Daniel Davis
Big Buck Award Jeff Stephenson
Big Bear Award Greg Bonecutter, Sr.
Big Groundhog Award George Crider
Regional Rep of the Year Randy Moore, Elmo Wiles
Photo Contest, Bowhunter Exp. Marc Fox
Photo Contest, Game Taken John Prezelenski
Affiliated Club of the Year Tomahawk Archery Club
Outdoor Writer/Media of the Year WDTV Ch 5, Bridgeport
DNR Employee of the Year Jack Cromer
Manufacturer of the Year Tom White
Outfitter of the Year Bear Paw Outfitters


Spring      at Huntington Archery Club
Seminars: Dick Clevenger

Summer    at Tomahawk Archery Club, Inwood
Seminars: Dave Holt

Fall            at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling
Seminars:  Rev. Stacy Groscup, John “Maggie” McGee

Treasure Mountain    at Sugar Grove, George Crider farm


Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

WVBA makes request for an October 1 opening day for deer bow season.  Many reasons and data are given to support this idea.  At the second quarter Game Commission meeting, Larry Lawson, DNR/Legislative representative, again explained the reasoning for an earlier bow season.  He suggested that this increase in season length would not lead to a great increase in bowkilled deer.  Larry also reviewed our previous requests to outlaw the bow cocking devices.  He also stated these devices should be made legal for use by handicapped hunters.  Hunter response on the earlier bow season had been favorable on the Spring Sectional Meeting questionnaire: 83% of individuals in favor and 58% of sportsman clubs agree.

At the end of the meeting, a representative of the Muzzleloaders Association and Trappers Association “blasted” the WVBA and its proposal for an earlier archery deer season.  He felt we were an elitist group seeking special treatment.  Later investigation revealed that this representative may not have been representing the views of the Trappers Association at all.

At the third quarter Game Commission meeting John Edman spoke in favor of the WVBA proposal for an October 1 opening day for deer bow season.  He thanked the DNR for including the question on the Sectional Meeting questionnaire and reminded them of the favorable response by hunters.

Larry Lawson spoke against the two buck limit; stating the DNR had provided data showing only a very small percentage of hunters kill more than two bucks each year.  This would not stockpile more bucks but would only limit hunting opportunities.

The Tri-County Bear Hunters proposed (for the second time in 1994) that the bow season for bears not open until December 1 each year.

Item six on the meeting agenda saw the failure of the October 1 bow season, due to the lack of a second to a motion by a Commissioner to allow this.

At the Fall Commission, Larry Lawson spoke at length concerning the failure of our October 1 deer bow season opener.  Larry was particularly dismayed at the comment by a Commissioner at the Sportsmen’s Conference in Flatwoods.  The Commissioner had stated the reason for not approving an early bow season was, “What would we tell the Muzzleloaders Association if we gave the Bowhunters another week of season”.  Larry pointed out the most important reason, increased bowhunting opportunity with minimal impact on the resource!


  • WVBA belt buckle introduced.

  • Life membership plaques introduced.

  • Mid State Archers hosts IBO World Championship at Flatwoods.