Frank Addington Winfield
Josh Green Walker
Bob Gay Wheeling
John Negley Williamstown
Steve Milam Belle
Ken Snyder Parkersburg
Dr. Dave Samuel Morgantown


President R. Tim Reed Wheeling
Vice President Hank Jeskey Wheeling
Secretary Gene Petri Triadelphia
Treasurer Ronald S. Saloky Fairmont
Past President/Director E. Fred Richter Wheeling

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: Gene Wensel
Seminars: Len Cardinale
Doug Crabtree
Rev. Stacy Groscup
Dave Samuel
Nelson Poyer
George Johnson

1984 Awards presented at Banquet

Master Bowhunter Bill Meyer
President’s Award Jim Baller
Expert Bowhunter Don Cady, Jim Davis, Tim Reed, Bob Rexroad, Dave Samuel
Big Buck Award Pat Kearns – 113-2/8
DNR Employee of the Year Bob Miles
Manufacturer of the Year Bowhunter Magazine
Landowner of the Year Wildlife League of Ohio County
Regional Rep of the Year Jim Davis
Bowhunter Education Award Al Hawkins


Awards Warren Stewart
Merchandise Gary Shaver


Spring      at Marion County Bowhunters
Seminars:       Doug Crabtree, Rev. Stacy Groscup, Gene Blackshire

Summer      at Mountain State Bowhunters, Winfield
Seminars:      Merv Rinta

Fall      at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling
Seminars:        John “Maggie” McGee, Glenn Helgeland, Mike Ondik, Rev. Stacy Groscup, Doug Crabtree, Gary Alt

Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

At the Winter DNR Commission meeting, the WVBA asks for a clarification of bear baiting.  It is understood that baiting is illegal; but the code may not be as well defined as could be.  DNR to respond in the near future.

In July, Larry Lawson spoke at the Summer DNR Game Commission meeting.  He expressed the opposition of the WVBA to the closing of bear season (bow) on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  The DNR feels that some bears were being killed with guns in December, and then having arrows stuck in them.

At the Fall Commission meeting, Tim Reed and Larry Lawson again spoke to the Commission about the earlier closing of bear season (bow).  Research had shown that NONE of the bowkilled bears taken with a bow from 1980 through 1984 had been taken later than November 14.  So this was not a law enforcement issue at all.  The Commission was asked to reconsider their July action.  After discussion, it was apparent no favorable action on our request would be forthcoming from the Commission.

A two week Archery Boar Season will begin in 1986.


  • At the first quarter Game Commission Meeting, W.Va. DNR/Commissioners unanimously reject the use of crossbows for hunting in W.Va.

  • WVBA’s Appalachian Series limited edition prints available. These sets of three prints (deer, bear, and turkey) are by artist Jeff D’Agostino.

  • WVBA sets up International Bowhunter Education Foundation booth at the Mountain Pride Exposition. Event was held in the Wheeling Civic Center in October.

  • W.Va. DNR sets up hot-line to report game violations. 1-800-NET-GAME