Frank Addington Winfield
Josh Green Walker
Bob Gay Wheeling
John Negley Williamstown
Steve Milam Belle
Ken Snyder Parkersburg
Dr. Dave Samuel Morgantown


President R. Tim Reed Wheeling
Vice President Hank Jeskey Wheeling
Secretary Gene Petri Triadelphia
Treasurer Ronald S. Saloky Fairmont
Past President/Director E. Fred Richter Wheeling

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: Paul Brunner
Seminars: Bob McGuire
Gary Alt
Wayne Bosowicz

1983 Awards presented at Banquet

Bowhunter of the Year Rev. Stacy Groscup
President’s Award Ron Saloky
Master Bowhunter Tom Flemming
DNR Employee of the Year Joe Roy, retired game manager
DNR Employee of the Year Kenneth Merritt, conservation officer
Manufacturer of the Year Roger Rothhaar, Snuffer broadhead
Landowner of the Year CMX Industries


Awards Warren Stewart
Merchandise Gene Petri
John Skull


Spring      at Fairmont Field Archers, Fairmont
Seminars:       Rev. Stacy Groscup, Gene Blackshire, Tom Flemming, Hank Jeskey, Lt. Grady Coda, Dr. Dave Samuel, Jim Evans

Summer      at Mountain State Bowhunters, Winfield

Fall      at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling
Seminars:        John “Maggie” McGee, Roger Rothhaar, Bob McGuire, Fred Asbell, Rev. Stacy Groscup, Jack Brobst, Doug Crabtree, Bob Kirschner, Gene Blackshire

Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

            WVBA offers $200 reward for information on who killed a doe in a St. Albans Children’s zoo with a bow and arrow.  The bowhunter image suffers again!

Larry Lawson speaks on behalf of the WVBA and all bowhunters a legislative hearing.  Larry expresses our opposition to the transfer of the Division of Forestry from the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Agriculture.

At the Spring DNR Commissioners meeting, the WVBA was personally thanked by Director Hertig for its support keeping the Division of Forestry within the DNR.

Three bills were introduced in the Legislature to make crossbows legal for bowhunting.  None passed.

“The WVBA is strongly against the legalization of crossbows for bowhunting and will fight any move to make it legal” is stated by Larry Lawson at the Summer DNR Commission meeting.


  • Annual Council Meeting of Professional Bowhunters to be held in conjunction with WVBA Banquet weekend at Cedar Lakes.

  • Annual Council Meeting of Professional Bowhunters to be held in conjunction with WVBA Banquet weekend at Cedar Lakes.

  • WVBA sets up for National Hunting and Fishing Day at Fairmont Mall and the French Creek Wildlife Center.

  • Ethics Committee formed in August.

  • Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) representative makes presentation at fourth quarter Game Commission; seeking the legalization of crossbows for bowhunting in W.Va. After much discussion, the proposal was tabled.