Frank Addington Winfield
Josh Green Walker
Dean Hupp Belpre, OH
John Negley Williamstown
Jerry Moore Parkersburg
Ken Snyder Parkersburg
Dr. Dave Samuel Morgantown


President E. Fred Richter Wheeling
Vice President Larry Lawson Pinch
Secretary Bob Gay Wheeling
Treasurer R. Tim Reed Treasurer

Banquet at Cedar Lakes, Ripley

Speaker: Jim Daugherty
Seminars: Tom Flemming
Dr. Dave Samuel
Fred Wallace
Rev. Stacy Groscup
John “Maggie” McGee

1982 Awards presented at Banquet

Bowhunter of the Year Dr. Dave Samuel
President’s Award Bob Gay
Bowhunter Ed. Instructor of Year Bob Gay, Larry Lawson
DNR Employee of the Year Bill Santonos
Legislator of the Year Dr. Joe Ballouz
Landowner of the Year Wood County Airport


Awards Warren Stewart
Bowhunter Awareness John Negley
Membership Ken Snyder
Merchandise John Skull


Spring      at Adena Archers, Moundsville
Seminars:       Wayne Hornick, Gene Blackshire

Southern      at Elk River Bowhunters Association, Elkview
Seminars:       Roger Rothhaar, Bob Kirschner

Northern      at Wildlife League of Ohio County, Wheeling
Seminars:        M.R. James, Bob McGuire, Ed Buck

Division of Natural Resources/Legislative Agenda

A DNR official in Elkins is quoted as saying there is concern about the large increase in bowkilled deer due to equipment advances.  President Fred Richter responds with a letter explaining all the increased number of deer, Bowhunters, and the hunting information available to them when considering increased bowkilled deer numbers.

A DNR Game Commissioner tells Lawson that if there are 100,000 Bowhunters in W.VA.; 70,000 of them are outlaws!  Looks like the acts of few reflect on us all.

During a Game Commission meeting, a Commissioner expresses concern about illegal acts by bowhunters; riding in the back of trucks and vans and shooting into people’s yards.  President Fred Richter states we will do everything possible to improve the bowhunter image and ethics.  We will run all the surveys needed to disprove the notion that bowhunters are crippling to many deer; as has been proven by studies in other states.

A Game Commission member feels there should be a bowhunting license because he feels this would result in less bowhunters.  He also felt the problem with Bowhunters was too many COAL MINERS are starting to bowhunt and it is downgrading the sport!  Apparently the Commissioner feels that bowhunters and coal miners are worse than second class citizens.


  • 500 Club formed.

  • Warren Stewart holds 2nd annual WVBA Carp shoot held on the Ohio River.